Sparks Episode 7: Stand by Me

In the 7th episode of Sparks by DBS, an old client of Chester’s – played by Adrian Pang – runs into a serious family medical emergency. This opened an opportunity for Chester to share about this deep bond he has with his client, going back to an untold past of his.

Mr and Mrs Lu were actually Chester’s first clients; taking a chance on him when he was a young banker going from door to door looking for customers. Owners of a bus company, their business grew with Chester’s help on financial advice. Over the years, the Lu’s treated Chester like family and they went through the trials and tribulations together.

Suddenly, a second twist of ill fate in Mrs Lu’s life leaves her in a dilemma about the company. What will happen to the business that she painstakingly built over the years? What solutions will Team DBS offer in the best of her interest?

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Sparks by DBS, is a mini-series about a group of young bankers and their professional, as well as personal lives. Inspired by true stories, each episode shows a different challenge for the team and how they go above and beyond to solve unusual client challenges.

These stories show a humane side of banking, one that we don’t see often or realise. It is not only about the digits in your bank account, your monthly repayments or your health insurance. There is a lot that goes on behind all these numbers.

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