O’Sulloc Tea House

If you are a green tea lover, you definitely have to visit the O’Sulloc Museum on Jeju Island or at least visit one of the O’sulloc Tea House branches in Seoul.

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O’Sulloc is a famous tea brand that originated in Jeju, with the largest tea farm. You can learn about Korea’s traditional tea culture at the museum, which opened in September 2001. The building takes the shape of a green tea cup and it is surrounded by green tea fields. You can try and buy their unique o’sulloc teas, or enjoy the views on the observatory on the second floor.

When I was there, the queue at the cafe was too long and I could not wait as we were on a guided tour schedule. When we got to Seoul for just one night, I knew I had to go to one of their branches. There are four O’Sulloc Tea House branches in Seoul – Myeongdong, Apgujeong, Insadong and Daehangno.

With Drea, we went to the one at Myeongdong, which is situated next to Smoothie King. We got really excited and ordered whatever looked good in the menu – the green tea ice cream, green tea ice blended, green tea cream cheese roll and green tea ‘ice kachang’ (which came complete with red beans). The best was still the ice cream, so we came back the next day to have it one more time before flying home. We also got the waffle-looking thing, which was actually sweet rice cake (not a fan of it).

When I returned to Seoul for another work trip three weeks later, I told myself I had to go for their ice cream again. I did – I had all three flavours of their ice cream: black tea, green tea, green tea yoghurt. When you go to Jeju or Seoul, please make time for O’Sulloc if you love green tea! Must try – green tea ice cream and green tea cream cheese roll.