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You can now get 60% NCD with DirectAsia!

For the longest time, the highest NCD (No Claim Discount) you could get on your car insurance premium was 50%. But that has changed.

Online insurer DirectAsia recently launched a super exciting feature – the NCD60 – which gives you up to 60% off your car insurance premiums.

DirectAsia is the first in the market to offer this, as all other insurers only offer a maximum of NCD50. I KNOW RIGHT.

Singapore has a good road network, but we still have to practise safe driving. Even so, accidents still happen, so it is very important to make sure you stay comprehensively covered.

And that is why DirectAsia decided to launch the NCD60 to reward safe drivers. It’s always advisable to drive safe and this is one occasion where it pays off.

So how do you qualify for NCD60?

If you have held NCD50 status for at least the last five consecutive years, you can then enjoy an additional 10% discount over and above the existing NCD50 discount.

But what if you’re not a DirectAsia customer yet?

The good news is, new customers who are not existing DirectAsia customers are eligible for this too and will be offered the additional 10% discount and NCD60 status when they reach their fifth year of NCD50 status. YAY!

This means people like my mum, who is with another insurer but has held NCD50 for the past six years, is also entitled to this NCD60 benefit if she switches to DirectAsia. As for my father, who is under DirectAsia for his car insurance and has NCD50 for two years, he’s already looking forward to qualifying for this deal.

You can also opt to protect your NCD60 status with DirectAsia’s NCD Protection optional benefit, which can be purchased for a nominal fee. DirectAsia honours protected NCD status with your current insurer even if you’ve had an ‘at-fault’ claim – this is something that other insurers don’t offer too!

My Volkswagen Golf is currently insured by DirectAsia and I’ve not had any incidents so far (touch wood), but they have been very responsive in answering my queries (eg. for renewal) and giving me a package that I need instead of just selling me an across-the-board one.

DirectAsia’s new NCD60 benefit is available here or by calling the DirectAsia sales hotline at 6665 5555.

There is also a promotion running from now to 28 July, where DirectAsia is offering $200 petrol vouchers for new insurance sign- ups for new to 5-year-old cars.

Are you eligible for NCD60?