FitFashion with Mizuno

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Bottoms: MIZUNO
Watch: G-SHOCK

When it comes to my workout attire, comfort is my priority, followed by the design. I have to feel at ease in what I wear to the gym, so I have one worry off my mind and focus on my workout. The last thing you want is to keep adjusting your shorts or pulling your top down, which will distract you and compromise safety as well.

This range of tights from Mizuno is very comfortable, absorbs sweat fine and does not hinder my workout, be it for a run, weightlifting, Muay Thai or any physical activity. PLUS, it flatters your curves, hugging your body where it should. There are three types – shorts, capri and pants – and I love all of them. It is no secret that I love the colours black and pink, but this range is also available in other colours like yellow. Mizuno can be found at all World of Sports outlets.

Photography by Kelvin Lee, on location at W Singapore