May Ooi speaks up on Sherilyn Lim’s weigh-in failure

Till now, there has been no official word on what really happened with Sherilyn Lim’s failure to make weight at the ONE FC: War of Nations in Kuala Lumpur, or why Ann Osman did not want to fight at catchweight. Whatever it is, each of them had their reasons and it’s over now anyway. Former national swimmer turned MMA fighter May Ooi share her comments on the incident. She just signed a one-year contract with Rebel Fighting Championship and is the latest local female MMA fighter to turn pro.

Here are some excerpts:

“We are trying to build the image of WMMA in the country, promoting it and hoping to inspire more girls to take it up. This incident was a bit of a disaster for the growth of WMMA in Singapore.”

“She’s made weight before and there was ample time for her to cut weight. I don’t have details, but if she was having a problem with the weight cut, then it would have helped to speak up earlier and give her opponent, as well as the organisation, more time to decide what to do.”

“When you go pro, it’s not just about you. You have a responsibility towards your fans, spectators, coach, gym, organisation and country: you fight for all of them.”

[Read the full story of what May Ooi said, here on Yahoo!]

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