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Keep your vitamins and minerals in check with Vitastiq

I’m not usually on top of my micronutrients, so I just take multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to ‘cover all ground’. However, depending on different activities, stress level and food intake, we will be lacking in some nutrients.

The question is – how do we know what nutrients we might need?

Now there is the first personal device in the world that can check your vitamin and mineral status, allowing you to track your nutrient levels anytime, anywhere – Vitastiq.

Launched on Indiegogo about a year ago, Vitastiq is a smart lifestyle gadget that helps you stay on top of your healthy lifestyle . It is non-invasive and you can use it regularly to monitor 30 of the most important vitamins and minerals in your body, telling you if they are too low, too high or just right.

It is convenient to use and user-friendly – a claim supported by the CESAward (Central European Startup Award) 2015 for the Best User Experience. All you need is the Vitastiq device, the Vitastiq app and your smartphone. Simply download the app into your phone, connect the device with the cable provided and follow the instructions to do the readings.


The readings for different micronutrients are taken from the areas around your fingernails and toenails – you will be guided by the app on how and where to measure these points. Vitastiq engages this method called Electroacupuncture according to (a German dr. Reinhard) Voll (EAV), where the electrical resistance of an acupuncture point in relation to the reference point (determined during the initial calibration) is measured.

Bigger EAV devices have been used over decades by pharmacists and experts but Vitastiq has created a home version that you can take with you anywhere. It is really easy to use and you can perform the self-check anytime. You can view the how-to-use tutorials here.



Your results are saved in the app so you can track your progress with the history chart. There is a full report that you can refer to, explaining what the different micronutrients are for and what you can do if the levels are not ideal. Choose the Total Care template if you want a comprehensive list of all your vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended to take the readings once or twice a week, so you can watch your overall nutrient status and take adequate steps if the readings do not improve over several weeks.

Beauty starts from the inside, so don’t neglect your micronutrient status. Just overloading on Vitamin C is not enough. Stay on top of your smart lifestyle by keeping track of your micronutrients. It’s all about the vitality!


Vitastiq is also a part of Indiegogo’s Shipping Now feature and they ship worldwide within three to five days. More information about the product on

*This is brought to you by Vitastiq.