Goodbye Lancer, Hello Golf

And just like that, I’ve let go of my pink Mitsubishi Lancer GLX.

She has watched me grow up over the last 10 years, seeing me cry over broken hearts, squeal in joy, scream in anger. From a freshman in university to the working adult that’s turning 30, she has seen it all. She has also warmed the butts of famed names and close friends, plus attracted lots of attention from little ones. Thank you for the journey of a decade – I’m sorry to let you go and I’m more sorry I never gave you a name.”

Sad I am of course, as this humble Japanese sedan has seen me through a decade of memories, growing up with me and seeing me through two significant stages of my life.

I recall the day back in late 2005 when my father sprung a surprise on me with the keys to this gray Mitsubishi Lancer sedan. I was studying in university at that time and getting a car was a huge luxury! This is something I will always be grateful for, as it made my life so much more convenient and all motoring enthusiasts out there will understand what it means to have your own set of wheels.

My car is more than just a mode of transport for me. While it completes the basic purpose of getting me from one point to another, my car is like my second home. The other day I was having a conversation with my friend and I realised how much time I actually spend in the car. Take for example, a full day of meetings and appointments from 8am to 8pm – I would easily spend four hours of that 12-hour period driving or being in the car.

My car is like a second home on wheels to me – often, I sit in the car between appointments to catch up on my emails and texts, have my meals or just close my eyes for a while at the end of a long day. My car is also a moving storeroom (not advisable!), keeping necessities like my gym essentials in the back and a whole bunch of other things that should not be there.

This is where I run and hide when I need to be alone; this is a place which gives me comfort. I go out for a spin at night when I need to sort out my thoughts, I cry to myself in the car on nights when emotions run high. It is my little bubble of personal space where I can cut myself off from the rest of the activity going on outside the car.

As silly as it sounds, there’s this unspoken connection between the car and I – like a friend who has been silently there for me. Best, it’s in my favourite shade of pink – making it easy to spot her!

For a year, I neglected the Lancer when I had the Honda S2000, but the latter was like a fast and furious love affair whilst the Lancer is the stable partner that saw me through the ups and downs. Being the sexy thing it was, I took much pride in the S2000 as it outshone the Lancer by miles, giving it all my attention. Unfortunately, I had to let the S2000 go as it wasn’t financially reasonable to keep it and thankfully, the Lancer was still there for me.

Sadly, as the Singapore car system goes, I bid the Lancer farewell today. I traded her in for a brand new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI and while the Golf is a brilliant car, it will take time for me to form a bond. I may also not turn it pink like how I do to all my cars. You can’t just replace someone in your heart like that, can you?

(P.S. I hear that my pink Lancer is still on the roads, even being an Uber ride. WHAT IS THIS?)