Nowadays we book movies, flights, restaurants and fitness classes online, and now you can do the same for spas and salons. GetKlarity is a new beauty and wellness app that allows you to book from a wide range of spas and salons at exclusive prices. This makes it more convenient so you can find a service provider which suits your schedule and location. In addition, the in-house team will personally review the vendors to ensure they are legit.

Only six months into its beta launch and GetKlarity’s website has attracted 20,000 people and their app for iOS and Android is dropping this month. They are hosting their first community event on 14 July with Between, an international mobile application for couples to create, share, and remember all their special moments in a private space. It will be held at Kris by MENCE, one of GetKlarity’s spa partners.

Besides exclusive prices, GetKlarity gives added value to users by providing special promotions (such as discounts and complimentary services) with their network of curated spa and salon partners.