[REVIEW] Lotus Exige S

The raw feeling of driving the Lotus Exige S is a rare refresher from today’s modern cars full of gadgetry. There’s nothing like feeling the raw power in your hands and having nothing else come between you and the car. When I test drove the  Exige S, this track-worthy road-going model fully reminded of why I love cars.

The Exige S is no doubt a car built on the track meant for the roads. Working the six-speed manual transmission was a breeze with its seamless shifting and well-matched ratios. I have had friends tell me that they dislike driving a manual car in Singapore because it gets quite painful, especially in traffic jams, but I had no problems with the Exige S.

This test drive made me realise how much I miss driving a manual and it definitely brought back memories of my S2000, which I still fondly think of. In fact, there are less and less manual options for new cars in Singapore these days, so I really value the Exige S.

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