Introductory tennis with Banana Tennis

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I’ve picked up the tennis racket only about twice in my life on random occasions, just to play with friends, but I never took to it because I kept applying badminton-style techniques and got a little confused. Then I was approached by Banana Tennis, who somehow decided that I could do with some tennis lessons. (Thanks guys!)

It was the WTA Finals season in Singapore then, and under the influence of the ‘tennis fever’ in town, I agreed to their offer of a four-week introduction to the sport of tennis. Why not? I’m always open to trying something new and so should you.

Banana Tennis will go to anywhere that you are – at a public court, to your condo or a club – and at a time you prefer, so long as it’s to your convenience. Their coaches are all certified, by an international coaching body, or locally, so you are in good hands.

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In just four weeks (ie. four lessons), my Banana Tennis coach Joel took me through the basics and drills (forehand, backhand, footwork, serves, blah) progressively, and by the end of it all, I could spar a little. [You can watch my video on Instagram here.]

I carried over a lot of habits from my younger years of playing inter-school badminton, so I was trying to remember everything at the same time – move with left foot (not right) forward for the forehand, use the arm (not wrist) and follow through, wait for the ball and gauge when to hit (instead of rushing towards the ball), grip the racket correctly etc. etc. I also had a problem of using brute strength and was hittingĀ the ball too hard.

Thankfully I had a very patient coach, who was always reminding me to correct my strokes and be gentler (!!!), and I came out of the crash course actually being able to hit the ball decently for a beginner. It was fun trying a new sport on my rest days and throwing in a little mix to my usual triathlon regime. I’m not sure when I’ll pick up the tennis racket again, but hopefully when I do, I won’t forget all that I was taught!

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Banana Tennis has lessons forĀ beginners to advanced, for adults and kids, for groups and one-on-one as well. I recently collaborated with them to conduct ROCKtennis, a 1.5-hour tennis clinic for beginners, just to let everyone get a taste of what tennis is like.

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Why not pick up a new sport? Tennis is quite therapeutic actually. You can contact them at 96519810 or [email protected]. For more information, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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*This is a sponsored post.