9 things people think of when they see an attractive girl with an average guy

Many of us would be guilty of saying this at least once in their lives, “What is that hot babe doing with a guy as fat/ugly/old/plain as that?” Well, looks aren’t everything. If you ask me, I don’t need a drop-dead cover-worthy model-type of boyfriend. Handsome does not equate security or happiness. Ultimately, it comes down to the connection between the couple. Of course, there needs to be some level of physical attraction for each other, but hey what I think is good looking may not be what you think.

So, out with it, what are some of the things that go through your mind when they see a pretty girl with an average guy? Here are nine:

1) He must be rich.

“What is she doing with him? With her looks she definitely can get better. He must be damn rich and able to buy her everything she wants. What a gold digger!”

2) He must be good in bed.

“Wah, a guy like that can get a girl this hot? Even I cannot lor. What’s wrong with me? He confirm has a huge ***k and is damn good in bed.”

3) There must be something wrong with her.

“Seriously, something must be wrong with her. What the hell?!”

4) She likes being the centre of attention.

“She likes attention lor; everywhere she goes with him, everyone will confirm notice her.”


5) She must feel very secure with him.

“Aiyah, this kind of guy won’t cheat on her one lah, so she never has to feel scared.”

6) It must be true love.

“What would she be doing with him? She must truly love him. Man, love is really blind.”

7) He must have a really big ego.

“He look like that still dare to go after such a hot girl. He really thinks a lot of himself lor.”

Wait, before you jump, it’s not always bad.

8) He is confident of himself.

Conversely… “I think he must be really confident in what he does and who he is. When a man is confident (not egoistic), it can be pretty sexy.”

9) He must have a very attractive and charming personality.

Similar to the point above… “She probably enjoys being with him a lot. Maybe he has a great sense of humour, he places her above all other interests of his, he genuinely cares for her and takes care of her.”

Just remember, you don’t need good looks to have sex appeal. Some men are super hot, but somehow you just don’t feel sexually attracted to them because they have the shittiest personalities. What is it about the guy that makes the girl feel good?

A good-looking guy may be too full of himself or have too much attention from other girls that makes his partner feel insecure, no matter how hot she already is. End of the day, personality is key.

*This article was intentionally written in Singlish.

*The cover picture was used for the sole intention of illustrating the article and is not in any way meant to offend or mock at the couple within.