5 ways to get rid of that beer belly

You may be working out a lot, yet you are not losing that spare tyre around your waist. Then you try to eat less, but you end up feeling lethargic and once you start eating normally, the stomach gets bloated again. The tummy is something that can destroy your confidence, regardless of your body shape, and the way the clothes fit around your tummy can affect your mood.

So how do you get rid of that annoying belly fat? Men, here are five ways to:

1) Stop the alcohol and sweet drinks

Without needing to make any changes to your diet or training, just removing all alcohol and sweetened drinks from your life will automatically drop you some kilos. You may not even realise how much excess calories you are taking in from these sweet drinks!

2) Cut out processed foods

In our modern society and hectic schedules, it is common to have processed foods as a large part of our diets simply because it is convenient. But do you have any idea how bad these processed foods are? They are typically high in sodium, corn syrup, sugar, refined carbs, trans fat; things that are empty calories because they have no nutritional value. Too much of these lead to weight gain and serious health problems.

3) Prepare your own high-protein meals

You only know what goes into you if you prepare your meals yourself. Remember that you need to be getting enough protein for your body, to help you build lean muscle and also repair muscle tissue after your workout. High-protein foods burn more calories to digest, hence you feel full quicker and for a longer period of time, hence aiding weight loss.

4) Mix up your fitness routine (have both cardio and strength)

First, you need to have a regular exercise routine and be moving actively. Then, don’t just stick to a one-dimensional workout regime. For example, if you only go to the gym to lift weights, try incorporating some HIIT or steady state cardio. You need to build strength so you have more muscle to burn the fat, but at the same time you also want to have cardio so you can strip off the fat.

5) Go to Men’s Expressions for their Beer Belly Blaster treatment

If you have done all of the above and is still wondering why you have that last layer of flab that you can’t seem to get rid of, you might want to consider going to Men’s Expressions for their Beer Belly Blaster treatment. Men’s Expressions is a pioneer in Singapore’s leading slimming, spa and wellness industry, helping men improve their face, skin and body. (Yup, not just the men who get it!)

The Beer Belly Blaster consists of treatments with various machines such as the Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Isogei and Body System targeted to burn fat, as well as supplements like Formula 2 and Slim Juice to accelerate the process. Of course, all these would only work if you maintain a healthy fitness regime and diet.

Local actor Darryl Yong is known to be a workout fanatic, but he also had problems getting the last kick to achieve his sculpted abs. He said, “Belly fat is my worst nemesis and it is this abdominal area I find hardest to burn despite eating well and exercising regularly. Doing cardio like running and swimming, as well as abs exercises, help to lose belly fat but I prefer the hassle-free way of the Isojei treatment and the Body System treatment at Men’s Expressions.

“I think this is suitable for those who want to have nice abs and are too busy as it saves time and effort. The treatments are effective in sculpting and toning, but in order to get maximum results, the key is to be consistent with these treatments, take responsibility towards your lifestyle, and maintain a good and healthy diet,” Yong added.

Matteo Tamagno, 31, an accountant by profession, is not a fat person, but he faced difficulty losing fat around his abdominal area, even though he was watching what he ate and putting in the hours of sweat.

“Since I was young I have always eaten healthy and I don’t overload on carbs, making sure there are always vegetables and fruits. I also rarely eat fried stuff or very unhealthy food and basically follow a very Mediterranean diet,” said Tamagno.

“On top of my healthy eating, I have always been a very active person. On average, I play football and exercise up to four times a week. Despite all this, I still have some belly fat.

“At the beginning I thought doing abs exercises could help then I realised that the progress was slow. I think it depends a lot on your metabolism and how your body works. I can’t say I am a fat person but I definitely had some belly fat and I was facing serious difficulties in losing it until I did my treatments at Expressions.”

Tamagno went through sessions on the Proslimelt, RF, Isogei and Body System machines, and also added the Formula 2 and Slim Juice to his diet. These treatments were customised to him and varies with different customers and body types.

After a month of the Beer Belly Blaster treatment, he lost 11cm around his abdominal area and felt more confident about himself. “The best part is that you don’t have to anything else except relax and enjoy the treatments. Plus you don’t have to starve and can still lose weight!” he added.

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