5 reasons why CustomFit erases all your workout excuses

There are many fitness apps and websites out there at your disposal that you can use to plan your workouts. But there aren’t many that is as comprehensive as CustomFit by Fitness First that is FREE.

With CustomFit, here are 5 reasons why you can’t make anymore excuses not to work out:

1) You can get a workout anywhere, anytime

Whether you are at the gym, on an overseas work trip or at home, you can still get a workout done. Simply log into CustomFit and you gain access to an entire library of over 800 exercises (complete with demo videos and step-by-step descriptions). These exercises can be pieced together in a workout personalised to your needs, with or without equipment.

2) You don’t have to worry about planning your workouts

If you are not sure how to plan your workouts, fret not as CustomFit will guide you along. All you need to do is answer four questions:

  • Your experience level
  • The type of workout you want to do
  • The equipment you want to use
  • Duration of workout

CustomFit will then generate a list of personalised workouts for you depending on your answers and you can choose to save the ones you want.

3) You don’t need a gym membership or a personal trainer to start

With CustomFit, you can kick start your fitness regime immediately and not have to worry about looking for a gym or a personal trainer. Once you decide you need more than the app, you will at least have a certain level of fitness that will help you ease into a gym setting easily.

4) You can train according to your goals

Want a stronger core or that booty? Workouts can be designed according to upper body, lower body or core; depending on what you want to work on. Also, CustomFit has a personalised dashboard which records your training progress, calories burnt and even steps taken.

5) You can track your progress

To further help you track your training progress, you can log your results against a range of training metrics within the app. Otherwise, Fitness First also has BioScore – a unique health and fitness assessment that calculates the difference between your biological age and your actual age.

I did mine and I was 5.5 years younger than my actual age. This is a unique assessment because it adopts a holistic approach and takes into consideration various aspects such as sleep, stress levels and lifestyle choices (not just physical abilities) that would affect one’s fitness. BioScore also serves as a good starting indicator for those embarking on a new fitness journey, as it will help to track your progress over time. Those who are keen can head over to Fitness First to do the assessment for a fee.

 6) (for Fitness First members only) You can schedule your workout regime properly

There is a Club Connect feature in CustomFit where you can access the class schedules of the different Fitness First locations. That way, you can easily add those group classes and your CustomFit personalised workouts into one planner so you can have a look at your fitness regime in one glance.

If you have a personal trainer from Fitness First, they can also publish workouts straight to your app. This helps to support your training if you are too busy to hit the gym.

CustomFit is free for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play store.

*This is brought to you by Fitness First.