5 bad habits women drivers have

There are certain things that only women will do in their cars. I am not speaking on behalf of the female driving community here; instead, I am just observing what some female drivers I know have done in or to their cars. These may seem like harmless, trivial things but they may be more dangerous than you think!

1) Putting on makeup

Putting on lipstick, touching up mascara, or even applying the full works of make-up at traffic lights is common. Lipstick is the easiest to apply but I cannot understand how some women can get their eyeliner on with just the use of the rear view mirror. While make-up generally makes us women look better, I think it’s something that should be done in front of a proper mirror at home or in the office. Getting it done in a hurry in a moving vehicle may not be such a good idea for your face or your safety.

2) Squeezing pimples

I have to admit that I am guilty of this. It sounds a tad disgusting I know (forgive me!) but when I peek at the rear view mirror at times and catch sight of a bunch of blackheads calling to be removed, I just cannot help but start squeezing at the next stoplight. Like putting on make-up, this takes attention off the road and it is not a good idea really. I am making the effort not to do it anymore – I promise!

3) Keep an array of shoes

Women just cannot have one pair of shoes. At some point I might end up having a pair of slippers, running shoes, weightlifting shoes and casual sneakers and heels in my car. I think keeping a pair of slippers and a pair of shoes is sufficient, but having too many pairs of shoes add weight to the car and although they aren’t heavy, it adds to the weight and fuel economy is affected.

4) Stuffing plush toys in the dashboard

I see this a lot! I have two little bears stuffed next to the IU unit, but I’ve seen cars with a string of plush toys lined up in the dashboard as well as in the back window, sometimes sitting amid feathers or some carpet-like rug. I think it adds character to the car and it is really cute, but it may block visibility at crucial times, especially with the reflection of the toys. Just have one or two small ones in the corners!

5) Adding dazzling accessories to the cabin

Oh, it’s so easy to fall in love with ‘bling’ accessories! The thing is, while these shiny things add the sparkle to your car, the ‘bling bling’ can be a major distraction if it catches too much sunlight!

6) Treat the backseat as a dressing room

Have you tried getting a lift from a woman and asking if she has installed a walk-in closet into the back of her car? Blazers, jackets and blouses hanging from the handles in the ceilings, shoes strewn across the floor, shorts or skirts on the seats, make-up pouches and other facial products lying amid everything – looks like a makeshift dressing room doesn’t it? This does not directly affect your driving, but it makes you seem like a messy person and doesn’t leave a good impression on your passengers, especially if it’s your supervisors or a new guy you just met.

*This was first published in Rev.