About a month ago, I was on the verge of a burnout. I just kept feeling very fatigued – physically, mentally, emotionally. It just felt overwhelming. Everyone was quick to point out that it was my triathlon training that was wearing me down, but I realised it wasn’t so much of the physical. It was […]

Singapore’s popular fitness influencers (female) on Instagram

I thought I would just do up a list of the popular (female) fitness influencers in Singapore – well, those that I am familiar with. Listed according to their reach on Instagram (of more than ~10,000), I defined ‘fitness influencer’ as someone who has about 50% of their posts related to fitness. If I’ve missed out […]

The Tinder experience.

I was leading the happy single and independent life, but one day I couldn’t help thinking if there was a problem with me and why no one was asking me out (just an innocent random thought). I concluded that I just wasn’t meeting the right people. The guys around me are either married, dating, not interested in […]

You will love again.

Someone told me this last year, when I was at my low point and broken and skeptical about love – that I would love again. After a breakup, you go through this emo-nana heartbroken phrase where you feel like you’re never gonna love again, you question if you will ever find another man who will […]