Ironman 70.3 Phuket 2016: Catharsis.

It’s 3.30am the morning after and I’m wide awake. It’s the effect of the caffeine from the energy gels I tell you – especially on a non-coffee drinker like me. Well, I shall  collect my thoughts about my maiden Ironman 70.3 race that I completed yesterday. I’m still feeling the adrenalin man. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE I […]

Getting eyebrow embroidery done at Browtisan

Getting eyebrow embroidery is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to save time doing your makeup or just want a fuss-free look (because you don’t have to worry about drawing your brows). I first did eyebrow embroidery with Browtisan 79 weeks ago (according to Instagram) and my life has […]

Keep your 50% NCD for life

The one important thing that greatly impacts our car insurance premiums is the NCD (No Claim Discount), which is a discount offered by insurers for car owners who have not made any claims within a year or more. The more accident claims you make, the more your NCD gets reduced and the greater your premium […]