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Official opening of The Karting Arena postponed

  POSTPONEMENT OF OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE KARTING ARENA @ BUKIT TIMAH The official launch event for The Karting Arena @ Bukit Timah, scheduled for Saturday, 9 May 2015, will be postponed to a later date. According to their official statement, they are currently expecting delay in the delivery of the new electric karts from the […]

Teeth Whitening at Lush Aesthetics

I am ashamed to say this but yes I have yellowed teeth. I don’t drink coffee, tea, wine or carbonated drinks; I don’t smoke; I go for my regular six-month cleaning at the dentist, but I had braces on before and the lack of proper care during that period led to yellowing of my teeth. […]

Thank goodness for Paleo snacks from Snack Guru!

I am a total snackie at heart. I unfortunately suffer from the ‘mouth itchy’ syndrome where I derive great pleasure from continual munching in my mouth. This is a huge problem because it usually leads to overeating of unhealthy snacks, aka potato chips and chocolate. Now that I’m on a Paleo template for my diet, […]