Team Strong Silvers: Never too old to get fit

They may be getting on in age, but that is not stopping Ng Bee Kia, 68; Ngai Hin Kwok, 65; and Ng Siu Chi, 55 from keeping fit. The three of them have never been in any competitive sport – except for Bee Kia who was a former national weightlifter – but they have a […]

Anytime Fitness: 24/7 gyms at your convenience

Having access to a gym 24 hours sounds good and it is available in Singapore now – since last October in fact. Global 24-hour gym franchise Anytime Fitness opened its first branch in Woodlands and has opened more in MacPherson, Marine Parade Central and Jurong Gateway this year. It announced plans for 100 branches in […]

MINI Clubman Concept

A new class in terms of space, function and supreme elegance. Munich. The MINI Clubman Concept showcases a new brand philosophy for a higher class of automobile. 26 centimeters longer and just under 17 centimeters wider than the current MINI Clubman, the Concept comes over as sophisticated, cool and elegant. The iconic design is supplemented […]

International supermodel Miranda Kerr unveils new Reebok Skyscape shoe

NEW SHOE FEATURES 360-DEGREES OF FOAM THANKS TO CONSTRUCTION PROCESSES BORROWED FFROM LINGERIE INDUSTRY Reebok, the fitness brand at the center of women’s footwear innovations for more than 30 years, today revealed its new campaign with international supermodel Miranda Kerr for its new shoe, Skyscape. Created using new materials and techniques for a feeling of […]

Reebok Unveils The “Unnaturally Quick” ZSeries Running Collection

REEBOK ZSERIES COLLECTION DESIGN INSPIRED BY HIGH PERFORMANCE ZRATED RACING TIRES In 2014, Reebok unveils its latest running footwear collection, the Reebok ZSERIES COLLECTION. This unique, natural motion product is inspired by the design of high-performance ZRated tires found on exotic high-end sports cars. ZRated tires are designed for use on cars that travel at […]