UFC Singapore interview: Kang Kyung-Ho

Kang ‘Mr Perfect’ Kyung-Ho looks like he should be modelling instead of fighting, but the 26-year-old Korean is a respected bantamweight MMA fighter and is one of 20 fighters that will be at the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight Night Singapore this Saturday.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge in this career?
A: That you’re actually fighting yourself and challenging yourself at all times.

Q: How often do you train?
A: Six hours a day, Monday to Saturday.

Q: What do you do on your rest day?
A: I try to go and get some good food or catch a movie.

Q: Do you watch what you eat?
A: I normally eat whatever I want but about a month out from a fight, I start to be really careful with what I eat.

Q: What’s your favourite food then?
A: Ramen.

Q: How did you get the nickname ‘Mr Perfect’?
A: I was on a reality programme and the production crew gave it to me.


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