ONE FC bout between Sherilyn Lim and Ann Osman cancelled

Throwing an anti-climax to the fans, the much-anticipated rematch between ONE FC’s pro female MMA fighters Sherilyn Lim and Ann Osman has been cancelled due to Lim, the 23-year-old Singaporean, not making the weight for their 52kg strawweight category.

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At the weigh-in on Thursday morning, she was over by 3.1kg (for the 52kg strawweight category) and was given an hour to try to make it. When she returned, she was so weak that I had to help take her clothes off completely and step on the scale.

Still failing to make weight (2.3kg over this time), the fate of the fight was left in Osman’s hands. By noon – after an hour of discussion – there was no official word and Osman, the 27-year-old Malaysian, was given until 5pm.

At 5pm, there was still no verdict.  Discussions between Osman’s camp and official ONE FC staffs started and went on for two hours, while a weak-looking Lim waited by the side. Finally, the decision was made to cancel the match.

Admitting that it was “a very hard weight cut” that she failed to meet this time, a very tired Lim did not elaborate further. Word from people involved said it was “something emotional or mental”.

Osman declined to comment on this matter, but on her personal Facebook account, she posted a few statuses relating to this:

“A total waste of time, money and energy. Well moving forward on a positive path. Lookin on the bright side and remain positive. May not have a chance now but I will definitely get it soon. In the mean time, catching up my beauty sleep which I sacrificed for days. #keepcalmandkeepfighting #keepsmiling #athena”

“In case people were asking what’s so hard in being an MMA fighter? Well, THIS (picture of her wrapped up in blankets) is just a fraction of what true pro MMA fighters go through. Weight cut process.. It is tough but with enough discipline and heart, the results are worth it. Not to discourage aspiring fighters but always be prepared. It is a tough task but satisfying in the end. #mma #sacrifice #disciplinepaysoff”

“Hard for me to say this but sorry guys, I won’t be fighting in ONE FC: War of Nations tonight (very disappointed). I’m excited as anyone to get this fight. Together with my loved ones, I have sacrificed a lot for weeks, going through all the blood and pain till the last hour and I was FULL on ready to fight! Unfortunately it was all hampered and waste of time as my opponent did not act professionally at the last hour and put in the work needed. Quoted by her camp to be ’emotionally unstable’, she was just not physically and mentally prepared for the fight. Nonetheless, moving forward, even without my fight, ONE FC: War of Nations is still one of the most exciting MMA events this year with all 9 exciting fights not to be missed with 18 fighters from all over the world plus topped off with an inaugural Welterweight World Championship bout. Gonna be at Stadium Negara tonight! Can’t wait to watch! We have the Hitman Harris Sarmiento, The Game Arnaud Lepont, Saiful Merican, Peter Davis and sooooo much more awesome fighters! I can’t thank them enough but HUGE thanks to my awesome sponsors, Swakaya Sdn Bhd, The GymBox, Diesel Diva, Motor Trader, Vicious Circle, TuneTalk, RedAntLabs, Monarchy MMA, Alpha MMA and my awesome coaches AJ Pyro, Will Chope, Leandroratinho Luizdasiva, who had helped me through and teammates from Borneo Tribal Squad. Also family, friends and supporters for the endless love and support. Gonna keep positive and take this as a speed bump on my road to success. #neverstop #keepfighting #warofnations”