My tri-life

The truth is, I was never an endurance athlete. I played badminton for school, I was in the Track & Field team and I’ve been doing CrossFit for a year now.

So why do triathlons now?

At the end of last year, the idea of attempting triathlons hit me when I picked up cycling for the first time. (Why not right?) It was a whole new adventure for me – I had to learn the freestyle stroke, I had to start cycling on the roads (before this I only rented bikes at ECP!) and I haven’t ran long distances in years.

To be honest, I initially struggled with the training – it can get lonely, the hours can get long and you don’t see progress as quickly. (Shaving time off your pace is not quite the same as increasing your 1RM for weightlifting.) Many times I was frustrated and unmotivated.

My triathlon journey began in Thanyapura last December, where I spent an entire week training in the different disciplines. There was so much to learn, but the novelty kept me excited. Then I did my first sprint triathlon (750m swim-18km cycle-5km run) in April (Metasprint) and I was questioning myself during the race. The current was really strong that morning at ECP and it got my heart rate so high that I struggled during the next two legs. It was midday by the time I hit the run and my legs couldn’t fire anymore. The immense heat set in on me, I had stitches and cramps that I had to stop and walk here and there. At that point I harboured the thought of giving up. BUT I had already come this far and I wasn’t gonna just walk out like that; so I finished the race and I was absolutely spent.

My next triathlon is in August (TriFactor) and this time it’s of Olympic Distance¬†(1.5km swim-36km cycle-10km run). Since April, I struggled to find the motivation to train. I found excuses not to train because I was travelling and tired from work, but during these few weeks, something clicked in me.

I’ve seen progress; not just in the sport but also as a person. I’ve grown to like my space and my time in this multi-sport. You get out there and it’s just you against the world; just you braving the elements of nature.

Perhaps it comes with age and you start to appreciate solitude more; now I actually enjoy this space. It’s a lot of mental work, but I’ve grown to realise that the only limits you face are the limits you put on yourself. I’ve learnt more about myself, such as patience and self-belief.

The mind is a very powerful tool and that’s why you need to believe. All the people in the world can say they believe in you, but you need to want it badly yourself. Only then can you achieve it fully. No one else can help you but yourself.

At this time last year I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be training for triathlons and even considering to do Ironman 70.3 one day. So, never say never! Sometimes, more often than not, I surprise myself too.

So, never underestimate yourself and continue to challenge yourself. There is a lot more to YOU than you know.

6 weeks to my next triathlon race. Gotta hustle harder!

This is only the beginning of my journey.