Train for the StanChart Marathon Singapore with the SCMS 2015 app

In its 14th year, the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015 launched an interactive SCMS 2015 mobile app to help participants prepare for the run. Designed by the Marathon’s official IT consultancy TCS, this smartphone app acts like a runner’s personal coach, providing a 16-week customisable fitness plan, that started on 17 August and will lead up all the way to the marathon on 6 December.

The interval training-based programme is designed by professional coaches from Journey Fitness Company, consisting of short bursts of fast runs and slower, longer jogs interspersed with resting periods, to help an individual’s distance running capabilities and capacity.

Training programmes can be personalised according to each participant’s experience, goals and commitment to train. There are also unique user-friendly features such as a GPS map for each session, audio cues and real time analysis of the performance of each run. The ‘Live Tracking’ feature also gives family and friends the chance to follow and support participants ‘live’ on race day.

Info from the app like training progress can be easily shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, encouraging interaction with fellow runners and running communities.

Besides serving as a training programme and a fitness coach, the app also contains auxiliary info like the latest event news, weather data and FAQs to help runners plan their training sessions and keep updated with the latest developments.

The SCMS2015 mobile app can be downloaded at: