ExxonMobil launches Mobil 1 Car Care Network in Singapore

In mid-November, ExxonMobil officially launched its Mobil 1 Car Care Network with 38 Mobil 1 car care outlets islandwide. Giving drivers convenient access to premium car maintenance services with quality products and service, the Mobil 1 Car Care Network is supported by Mobil 1, world’s leading synthetic engine oil. Equipped with a complete set of maintenance software and hardware facilities, drivers will receive quality lubricants and excellent  service from a team of highly-qualified mechanics.

One of its outlets, Juzz for Cars, was chosen for the launch event, giving members of the media a superior car care treatment and sharing of some top car care tips.

IMG_8422 (600x400)

Some examples of tips:

  • Air-conditioning temperature should not be set any lower than 20 degrees so as not to overwork the cars compressor.
  • Brake fluid tank, radiator tank and power steering tank should be checked once a week to ensure there is sufficient fluid inside to keep the engine running at optimum.
  • Signs to tell battery life is low – reduced music volume from the radio, dimming of headlamps and interior lights, difficulty in cranking while starting.
  • A humming or rattling noise could indicate a sign of wear on wheel bearings or control arms.