Johnnie Walker and SMRT launch global campaign


In the buildup to the 2013 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, Johnnie Walker launched its global Join the Pact campaign with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Sergio Perez and two-time world drivers’ champion Mika Häkkinen at Clarke Quay. Reinforcing the importance of responsible drinking, Johnnie Walker announced its ambition to gather one million global commitments to never drink and drive via the unique hashtag #ImNOTdriving. To honour the one million commitments, Johnnie Walker will give away one million kilometers of safe rides home across the globe beginning in Singapore this week.

A light hearted moment with Sergio Perez and Mika Hakkinen (600x399)

Partnership with SMRT
In partnership with SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT), Johnnie Walker will give away 10,000 kms of safe rides home in SMRT Chryslers from Clarke Quay (19 – 20 September) and Marina Bay Sands (21 September). Patrons who pledge to never drink and drive using #ImNOTdriving will stand a chance to win a free ride home that evening, simply by showing their pledge to the Johnnie Walker roving team at the different locations. For more information and full terms and conditions, visit

Mika Hakkinen meets SMRT taxi drivers (600x399)

Ultimate Chauffeur Service
Fans also stand a chance to win the Ultimate Chauffeur Service this race weekend. Two-time F1 world drivers’ champion Mika Häkkinen will personally drive one guest home from the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge party on 21 September. To be in the running, fans are invited to make their pledge to never drink and drive by using #ImNOTdriving on their social media pages. Pledges can be in the form of a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram snapshot. In addition to the Ultimate Chauffeur Service with Mika Häkkinen, the winner will also receive two VIP invitations to Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge.

Mark Sandys, Category Director of Whisky, Diageo Asia Pacific said, “Our partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has given us a powerful platform to talk about responsible drinking for almost a decade. This year, we reinforce our commitment to this cause through one of our most ambitious responsible drinking campaigns to date – by releasing one million kilometres of safe rides home around the world. That’s equivalent to circumnavigating the equator 25 times. We are very excited to be working with SMRT to deliver the first 10,000kms of safe rides home, right here in Singapore”.

Desmond Kuek, CEO, SMRT, said “As Singapore’s leading public transport provider, the subject of never drinking and driving is one that is naturally very close to our hearts, so we were thrilled at the opportunity to join forces with Johnnie Walker to deliver this very important public safety message. As a nation, let’s ensure that amidst the weekend’s celebrations, we do our best to stay safe on the roads”.

Singapore’s responsible drinking ambassadors
Joining forces with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver Sergio Perez and two-time world drivers’ champion Mika Häkkinen to serve as responsible drinking ambassadors are Singapore’s own Adrian Pang, DJ Rosalyn Lee and Oli Pettigrew. Over the next 12 months, they will work with Johnnie Walker in Singapore to reinforce the importance of responsible drinking. For more information on the Join the Pact campaign, visit

Johnnie Walker Join the Pact ambassadors - from left - Olli Pettigrew, Rosalyn Lee, Sergio Perez, Mika Hakkinen, Thanh Hang and Mario Lawalata (600x399)

Spokesperson Quotes

Mika Häkkinen, two-time F1 world drivers’ champion and Johnnie Walker Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador:
Responsible drinking is a cause that I am very passionate about, and I have been working with Johnnie Walker for the past 7 years to deliver this message around the world. I’m very much looking forward to being the designated driver this weekend for one special guest at the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge party. I’ve never really driven on Singapore roads, so I’m looking forward to discovering more of this beautiful city.

Sergio Perez, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver:
I am very excited to join Mika and Jenson as one of Johnnie Walker’s global responsible drinking ambassadors. Responsible drinking is a very important issue and as a driver with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, I feel that it’s my responsibility to use my position to reinforce this message to our fans around the world. I love the idea of using a simple hashtag to make your pledge to never drink and drive – it means that you have no excuse not to do it!

DJ Rosalyn Lee, 987 FM:
I’m stoked to be teaming up with Johnnie Walker for this responsible drinking initiative! This new campaign is brilliant, and works in sync with the digital world we now live in. I am looking forward to doing my bit in making sure that the word gets out and have more people join me in making their pledges to never drink and drive.

Oli Pettigrew, TV host:
Being a huge fan of Formula 1 and Johnnie Walker, naturally I am excited to be part of the Join the Pact campaign. There are always so many celebrations and events taking place at this time of year, it is important for people to remember to party responsibly.

Adrian Pang, Co-Artistic Director, Pangdemonium Theatre Company:
I love what Johnnie Walker is doing to raise awareness around responsible drinking. I’m very happy to play a role in spreading this message to a larger audience and get people to really start thinking about the choices they make when it comes to getting home safely.