Hanwell longest badminton rally breaks Singapore record with 119 unique hits

Hanwell Longest Rally has set a new Singapore record at Changi City Point last Sunday – the rally broke the current Singapore record of 96 on its 60th attempt, clocking 119 hits, just one hit shy of the current world record of 120 hits. Achiving this was about 295 people, including Member of Parliament Ang Hin Kee and current and former national shuttlers Ronald Susilo, Ashton Chen, Xing Aiying and Terry Yeo.

About 300 people participated in today's Hanwell Longest Rally (400x600)

The new Singapore record also meant low-income families for Cheng San-Seletar Division received 9,520kg of rice donations from the title sponsor and leading provider of consumer essentials Hanwell Holdings Limited.

More information here:

Hanwell Longest Rally Event Day Press Release_1 (566x800)

Hanwell Longest Rally Event Day Press Release_2 (566x800)