BMW Group Asia introduces comprehensive 360° ELECTRIC programme for BMW i drivers

BMW Group Asia introduces the all-inclusive 360º ELECTRIC programme that has been designed to make electric mobility simple and straightforward, will be made available to BMW i customers locally.

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360º ELECTRIC is an all-rounded portfolio of services comprising four key pillars that will come standard with every BMW i model.
(1) Home Charging,
(2) Public Charging,
(3) Flexible Mobility, and
(4) Assistance Services.

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The introduction of 360º ELECTRIC sees BMW partnering experts in the field of electric mobility to provide customers with solutions available to optimise their overall electric mobility experience. 360º ELECTRIC is by far the only one of its kind in the industry today.

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More information here:

BMW 360 electric (1)

BMW 360 electric (2)

BMW 360 electric (3)


BMW 360 electric (4)

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