5 unique sports you should try with your partner

I always recommend couples to exercise together – there are so many benefits of working out together. Added motivation, closer bonding, more quality time – why not? Thinking of taking up a sport together? Instead of just running or hitting the gym, here are five sports which I feel are very suited for couples:

1) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Essentially fighting on the ground, BJJ is a martial art and a combat sport that focuses on grappling. You may see it as two people ‘hugging’ each other on the ground, but it’s a lot harder than it looks and BJJ can get pretty technical. So don’t underestimate it! Some people might feel a little uncomfortable doing BJJ at first, due to the close proximity and contact with another person, thus why not try doing BJJ with your partner? You guys can practise together at home and it might spark more fireworks than intended.

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Where to learn BJJ in Singapore: Evolve MMABrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Singapore, Fight G

2) AcroYoga 

This is not just for the ladies, but for the men too. Don’t be quick to put it down and say you are inflexible and can’t even touch your toes. Yoga is not just about flexibility, but also about increasing core strength. Yoga is pretty Zen, so it will calm you down, reduce stress and anxiety, thus putting you in a better mood. Also, yoga brings you to a new level of awareness of your body, helping you to get in touch with your body more. AcroYoga is a form of partner yoga, where dynamic aerial postures and manoeuvres are practised. Doing it as a couple will definitely help the relationship as you help each other get into poses and also, you can do it any time, anywhere, as long as you have a mat or soft ground.


Where to learn AcroYoga in Singapore: Search for upcoming workshops here

3) Pole Fitness

Pole dancing can be pretty sensual and erotic. Hold on, I’m not referring to strip clubs type of pole dancing, but pole fitness. Pole dancing has slowly stripped away (pun fully intended) its negative connotation of  dark, wild strip clubs to become a form of performance art and a type of workout for fitness. I never fail to drop my jaw whenever I watch a ‘live’ performance or videos of pole dancing competitions; the strength and flexibility they have in their arms, legs and core are incredible. While we typically see women in tight body-hugging outfits engaging in sexy moves on the pole, men are more than welcome to do pole fitness too. Rather than just the woman doing it for the man to appreciate, why not do it together?


Where to take up pole fitness in Singapore: Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Groove, Acro Polates,  Pole Dance Academy

4) Weightlifting

Yes. Girls, get into the gym and do some squats! Why? FOR THAT ASS! I’m not kidding. The difference between having a butt and an ass lies in the squat. I don’t mean bodyweight squats, but proper back/front squats with a barbell in a squat rack. Squats train the gluteus maximus (butt); in other words, they develop your glutes and help to shape up your butt nicely into an ass. If you have not done it before, please get professional guidance. Once you get an ass (not a butt), I’m sure your man will appreciate it. Likewise, guys, girls do take notice of your asses too you know. So, why don’t you both just get into the gym and start squatting together? Or, if your man is already doing it, go join him!


Where to learn how to squat properly (with a squat rack please): Iron Fitness, The Pit, Solitude of Strength

5) Capoeira

Capoeira is a type of Brazilian martial art that has elements of dance and acrobatics. The moves consist of sweeps and low moves, flips and other exotic movements. There’s a lot of grace, agility, flexibility and strength in this, and most importantly, lots of fun doing it together!

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Where to learn Capoeira in Singapore: Bantus, Capoeira Argola de Ouro SingaporeCapoeira Senzala Singapore