Texting, smoking, eating while driving – how safe is it really?

Sometimes we are not aware that some of the things we do while driving, are actually more dangerous than we think. Ok, using your mobile phone to text or surf Facebook while driving is definitely dangerous as one hand will be off the wheel and your eyes will shift between the road and the phone […]

Being part of Formula Drift Asia

I was just looking at the Formula Drift passes I’ve accumulated over the past years, some of which I unearthed during spring cleaning for Chinese New Year, and I could not help feeling a pang of nostalgia. It’s been six years since Formula Drift first came to Asia, hitting the shores of our homeland in […]

Jeju Island: 3D Trick Art

When 2D paintings become 3D illusions… I had fun at the Alive Museum in Jeju!   *Thank you Korea Tourism Organisation (Singapore) and Jeju Tourism Organisation for the trip!

Best of Jeju Island Through My Lens

Five days on the beautiful Jeju Island is not enough. There are so many places and many more things I want to do! I want to climb Mt Hallasan, go on their round-island trails, visit Hello Kitty Land, Love Land and the Health & Sex Museum, as well as capture sunrise from Sunrise Peak. I […]