BMW Berlin Marathon 2022 – my first World Marathon Major

I was on the brink of tears at the start line of one of the world’s greatest races – the BMW Berlin Marathon. I managed to keep the floodgates closed until I saw the Brandenburg Gate in sight and I knew the finish line was near. That was when I couldn’t hold back the tears […]

I got my Class 2 motorbike licence!

OFFICIALLY A CLASS 2 RIDER! Finally, this 3-year project of mine to get all classes of the motorbike licence is complete. YAYYYYYY! What a journey it has been. I started taking 2B lessons in 2019, got my Class 2B licence in 2020, my Class 2A licence in 2021 and finally, FINALLY, got my Class 2 […]

Ironman 70.3 Desaru 2022

This race was postponed from April 2020 when the pandemic hit and it’s the first time that Desaru is hosting an Ironman 70.3 event. There is the 113 Desaru (same distance as 70.3) and I’ve heard that it’s a tough course, but I didn’t know what to expect and I guess you can say that […]

Road to the BMW Berlin Marathon 2022 starts here

Excited to announce that I’ll be racing the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON this year! 2022 is the year I’m on a mission to do better – for myself, the environment and those in need.I’ll be representing BMW Group Asia in the BMW Berlin Marathon, which is a World Marathon Major. It will be my first WMM and […]

Our Spain itinerary

This was initially planned as Grace’s birthday trip and I booked it all the way back in November. I’ve been having major FOMO seeing all my friends and their year-end travel, but we couldn’t help feeling a bit apprehensive. We almost didn’t make this trip, with the Omicron wave hitting us and personal matters. Eventually […]

Pandemic travel tips

I’ve finally gone on a trip after two years of being grounded in Singapore. It was so refreshing and I definitely recommend you get a vacation in if you can. I chose to go to Spain, a place both Grace and I have never been before, and it’s also one of the easier countries to […]

REVIEW: Skechers GO RUN 8

If you have not tried Skechers for running before, it’s time you should. I don’t just mean for recreational running, but for performance running too. The latest pair from them that I’ve tried is the GO RUN 8. For me, I prefer to run with shoes that are cushioned, especially after I suffered plantar fasciitis […]

Love is love.

“I didn’t know you were lesbian.” – This is a statement I got quite often when people first learnt about G and I. And G had the best answer to that when others said the same thing to her about me – “She didn’t know either.” HAHAHAHAHA! Truth be told, I really didn’t know. I […]