Rock The Naked Truth x Rentadella

Ming Bridges, the founder of Rentadella, and I both suffered from eating disorders and struggled with our body for many years. We share the same objective of wanting to help women through their insecurity issues, thus we created this campaign between Rock The Naked Truth and Rentadella. #ConfidenceIsYourSuperpower is the name of this campaign where we […]

Be Human, Be Authentic, Be YOU

This afternoon, I was part of a very meaningful panel for ‘Be Human, Be Authentic, Be YOU’, organised by Nomura. I had a lot of takeaways, even as a speaker myself. The other speakers are so unabashedly authentic about themselves and I absolutely loved the energy in the room and how we all vibed so […]

Audi A4 Miles Better Drive – to Genting and back on one tank of fuel!

When I was first presented with the proposition – to drive the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI up to Genting from Singapore and back on one tank of fuel – I immediately doubted it. “How is that possible?” I remember saying over the phone. But after 10 hours of driving and over 800km clocked, I was […]