Ironman 70.3 Taiwan 2018: Comeback

Excited, I was feeling very excited to race at the Ironman 70.3 Taiwan because I missed out on Colombo after battling a stupid flu bug that kept me in bed for a week. I only had three weeks to the race at Taitung and I was struggling to get my pace back (I was still […]

sloggi x Rock The Naked Truth

For a long time, I was so obsessed with wanting to be skinny. I felt that being skinny would make me popular and accepted. So for half my life (ok la I’m only 32 this year), my whole life was all about being skinny – starving myself, exercising excessively, taking slimming pills, weighing myself nonstop, […]

Why you should invest in a fitness watch

There are so many brands flooding the market with smartwatches and fitness trackers that you become spoilt for choice. What’s the difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker? Do I need one? How much is one? What can it do for me? I’m not very fit, so why should I get one? Ok, a […]